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  • Bio-Processor

    Board Features


    • Samsung S1SBP6A sensor hub
      • ARM Cortex-M4F single-core MCU with 2MB flash and 256KB SRAM memory
      • ECG / BIA / PPG signal readout AFEs
    • Nordic nRF52833 Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity SoC
    • On-board ECG / BIA electrodes for bio signal acquisition
    • ECG Jack and BIA header for external lead usage
    • On-board sensors :
      • PPG module (OSRAM SFH 7072)
      • Temperature sensor (TI TMP117)
      • 6-axis sensor (TDK ICM-20602)
    • NXP LPC11U35 on-board programmer and debugger for S1SBP6A
    • FTDI FT232 on-board debugger for nRF52833
    • ArduinoTM UNO V3 compatible headers


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